Getting the run around from customer support . .. need time sensitive help!

I’ve loved webflow so much for design ease, but everything related to billing and client management has been a nightmare! I launched my first client site as they were coming out of client billing, so started designing/developing under the impression that they had client billing, then go to launch, and find it’s no longer an option.

Long story short, per their recommendation I had to create my very non-computer-y client a webflow account, disconnect the domain, transfer, and reconnect in order to connect a client credit card.

Now they changed something with their permissions and I can get into my client’s account, but not edit my client’s site. I’ve been in communication with customer support by email, and I’m guessing there’s a 8-12 hour time difference, but I’ve been back and forth for a week and a half, paid to upgrade my plan just trying to get into my client’s account and still no help. This is making me look so unprofessional to my client.


There’s a lot of context missing here, but I can try to better understand what is happening and figure out if it’s something you may be able to solve on your own or if you really do need WF customer support.

How are you getting into your client’s workspace? Are you logging in directly with their account credentials, did they invite you as a ‘free guest’ to their workspace, or did they add a seat for you to their workspace?

What is happening when you access their workspace? Can you see the site at all from the dashboard? Can you access the designer mode, the editor mode, or neither? Can you publish? Is their site currently live with a hosting plan/custom domain?

Thank you so much! Yes, I’d been logging directly using their logins, which I set up for them. Able to get into the workspace, but not able to edit the site. Last time I went to login, it required a two factor authentication to my client’s email in order to let me edit the site from within the workspace. Been emailing with customer support, and got the info that I’ll need to upgrade to freelancer space and add as an editor in order to continue to edit this way.

Paid to upgrade, but still the issue remains that my client gets really overwhelmed by anything tech, so is struggling to authenticate me so that I can get in and add myself as an editor. Have my client cc’d on all the emails and providing the authentication information, but every time there’s an action step needed or I have a question, its 24 hours of lag time back and forth before we’re able to move forward because of time differences.

I wish there was a phone number I could call or a way to trouble shoot this in real time. It’s been a week and a half of just trying to get access to edit my client’s site.

I get the frustration with having to wait for responses and with having clients who struggle a bit more with tech. Been there!

You may be on your way with the thread you have going with customer support already, so my best advice would be to continue on with that. However, if you’re really wanting to move things along you could try recording a video (I use Loom for this) to send to your client that shows them how to disable the 2FA on their account. That way you can log in, get yourself set up with the permissions you need, and be good to go from there. If your client has a step-by-step video to follow, it may help them with any technical hurdles they would have encountered. You can also tell them they can log back in after you are done and set up their 2FA again if they really want to have it enabled.