Account billing negative balance issue

Hey everyone, I am new here… so thanks for being kind to me.

I am stuck. (already sent email to support, but no reply).

Here is the deal. I started on CMS plan… built out my site and then realized I wanted to go ahead and build some commerce features. So naturally the system prompts me to “upgrade” my plan.

My card on file stays locked mostly… so when the first attempt to upgrade was submitted I had failed to unlock the card and not the WebFlow says I owe the money… ok no problem… but I have updated and … even tried removing and re-adding payment method… no joy…

Any ideas… I cannot move forward on my build until I get this worked out?



Beine Associates

Also its important to see that I checked the account and it doesn’t show any balance due…

Hi @top3ng1n33r this will need to be handled by the customer support team. Can you please submit a request here:

They are going to be able to best handle billing issues as we don’t have access to them as volunteer forum mods!

Hope they can get this sorted for you quickly!

request submitted … how long does this take?

@top3ng1n33r - Depends on the queue depth and that could range from today to multiple days.