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URGENT: Background Video Not Uploading


I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to upload a background video. I create the container and the component for a bg video and when I click “upload video” it allows me to select my video from my files and then nothing happens.

I have an urgent deadline of tomorrow morning to fix this issue.

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Garbo

I suggest you try rendering the video with different settings and make sure you are well under the limit on file size.

Hi! Video is super small - 3.2mb and I even condensed it more. COuld it be that it’s only 6 seconds?

What do you mean render video with different settings?

Thanks so much!

Background video filenames should not include spaces or special characters (except dashes) and videos should be optimized for the web for best performance. No audio needs to be present since none will be played.

Length should not be the issue. When you render video you have choices to make. This can effect transcoding. You can always test a couple to see what works for you.

It seems to be working now- thanks so much!!!

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