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Backgroung video not loading

I´m trying to upload background video but it´s getting stuck at the end of transcoding and doesn´t move.
Video size less than 30Mb.
mp4 format


Can someone help me with this issue please?

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Hi Elena,

I’ve experienced this bug for some weeks now. After uploading in several file formats I still had no luck.
It seems that is has to do with a server-timeout.

A workaround for me was to login to webflow in a Firefox browser.
However they discourage that, and the interface isn’t working as smooth as on a Chromium browser, I managed to get a mp4 uploaded quite quickly on Firefox.

Hope this works for you as well!!

Cheers, Nico

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Another insight I got.
I use the Brave browser, which disables some functionality relating to the video component. Maybe that is also your case…

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