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Export OK, can I import afterward?

Export works :slight_smile: But can I import sites afterward ?

So it’s about project management over the long run. I’m having an hard time figuring how to do it without open or import project functionality.

Thank you guys !


Import is a great idea.

Hi @devmtl - we currently won’t be focusing on import. If you published your site on Webflow, you wouldn’t need to export! :dancer:

Hi brryant!

Extremely new user here (still on the free trial),
I’m really enjoying my webflow experience thus far.

My question is basically the same as the OPs,
I have a client who is interested in me using webflow to make their site,
they specifically stated that they dont want/can’t pay for webflow to host at however many dollars a month…
($15 to $20 a month + the $5 domain fee, because they’ve already purchased that)

So it’s fantastic I can export it, and they can use their domain.

But say they want to make some changes down the road,
and because I am not a full time or even part time web developer there’s no reason for me to keep up with
a monthly subscription, I might get one web design job a year (for now!),
BUT I would love to be able to jump back into webflow, pay a monthly, non-contractual fee,
import that same site I made for them with webflow, update it, and re- export it.

Without this capability, they have no interest in my designing a site for them,
(i’m actually writing them an email as I type this, trying to figure out how to keep them on board)

So without being able to import a previously made site that I used webflow to make,
won’t be subscribing for a few months while I make the site,
won’t be able to RE-subscribe for any future changes to that same site,
and most likely won’t be incorporating webflow into my design arsenal for any future clients (if i get any)
all of which makes me sad because, I’m really liking the UI, support, and tutorials, AND the fact that I can
publish with one click so the client can see their site in action and propose any changes (hard to do with a
locally installed wordpress site) is awesome!

Just seems like you’d be missing out on some revenue. Some clients are so gungho about their domains
that they buy them first, and then seek out a designer; trying to get them to pay $200+ a year to have someone host it
when go daddy is only $2.99 is a hard sell, and to tell them that I can’t make any changes after the fact is a deal killer
when talking to clients (i previously made a logo for these folks I was really hoping to do some more work for them).

hope this isn’t seen as a rant, just hoping to lay out a specific scenario that is occurring.



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Just a thought…what if you charged them a quarterly “maintinence Fee” which would alow for x amount of hours of additions/ substitutions/etc… This is more like a service for your earned time, prepaid.

This money would then go to purchasing Webflow for you and would save them money in the long run… as it will take less time to edit the site, and thus less cost on these services you provide?

Also, with your original design, you could offer x amount of hours “free” if they prebuy for the year.


To be honest I started using Webflow on July 2013 and bought monthly subscription instantly. That app is a KILLER on the market right now. And you have to believe me, it had 10% of the features that you have now :slight_smile: I didn’t have any jobs regarding webdesign until the late December 2013 where someone spotted my activity on forum and asked me to create a website for them. Once I finished that site the word spread. Even that I work a regular job at IT Company once I get home I have multiple projects running. I had to hire someone to help me! :smiley:

So don’t ever give up on WebDesign. In every situation in life you have to pay in advance to get some good stuff later - including payment :slight_smile:


and that is/was a thought, but like most businesses, it’s nice to be “done” with a sale,
and not have to keep up with the client in some shadow form.

Also what happens when a year goes by, or two? I would have to upload their site at some point,
and what have I given them? A site that can never be amended?
Seems kind of odd. A year goes by very quickly nowadays.
and again the client specifically said that a monthly fee of $20 - $25 was not acceptable.

and btw, because of that, the deal is on hold and probably won’t happen now, sad really.

I guess i’m going to go the adobe muse/edge reflow CC route,
I at least can start and stop a subscription,
and I’m guessing I can RE-open a previously made file.
(which is the entire issue)

Strangely, I’m not a fan of the Adobe monopoly and would love to
give webflow my business, but if I can’t update a previously made
site, then what can I do?

Was a beautiful, intuitive (with help from a video tut or two)
GUI. I even went on social media sites mentioning how it was helping me to
understand CSS and webpage structure.

I just subscribed to webflow and purchased a webflow template. I then exported the template and made some changes on it in Dreamweaver. However, I now realize that I can’t import this edited template back into webflow!!! This greatly reduces the usefulness of webflow to me and it makes me regret that I subscribed for a full year.

Hi @goldtrotter, sorry to hear that the lack of re-import feature is a problem for you. If you just subscribed for a year and there is some reason that Webflow will not work for you, then please contact us at, and we will give you some options regarding your subscription.

We are here to help you. Check also this item on the wish list: Importing HTML/CSS into Webflow

Cheers, Dave