How to upload the existing website to my Webflow dashboard project?

Hi, I have just started the Webflow! And I have been editing modifying my website, from scratch since my university. My Website is, Satadru Satadal Roy

I am wondering, as I have the files, folders for this website on my MacBook, How I can upload that to my Webflow Dashboard Projects?

So, I would modify my website, instead making from scratch or using random templates in the Webflow? Thanks!

Hi Satadru,

You cannot import HTML/CSS to Webflow, you need to build your layouts in the designer.
There are some 3rd party efforts in this area, such as AI tools that are attempting to support HTML → Webflow translation, as well as a new one in process for Wordpress → Webflow migration.

You might search for those.
I’ve some notes here, I think HTFlow is the AI one ( haven’t tested it ).

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