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Uploadcare File Name

Hi guys,

I’m building a site for a client who requires customers to upload images of maintenance issues within their home.

I’m thinking of going down the Uploadcare route to bypass the 10mb limit of native Webflow file uploads and business hosting requirements (the client has stated they might like bulky videos included).

I have managed to successfully install the Uploadcare form field and this works.

The problem I have is that we need to be able to distinguish images from different customers to avoid confusion. I am looking to create a CMS item for each new client that registers and then house the upload field to sit within the CMS page. To organise the files I was looking to go down a Zapier - Dropbox path with a new Dropbox folder getting created per CMS item and the files filtered into these Dropbox folders based on file name which will be pulled from the CMS.

The question I have is, is it possible through either an embed or within the page settings for Uploadcare to pull the CMS name and adjust the file name accordingly?

Thanks in advance if anyone has a solution.