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Help with CMS & file upload


So, I need some tips!
I have a site where I host live streamed events. Im looking to find a solution where can have a File Upload form where the viewers can upload a picture witch get loaded automatically in to a CMS gallery on a different page. Is there a way of doing this within Webflow alone?

Thanks. in advance!


Not in WF alone unfortunately @studiorrs

One workaround is to do it with Zapier for instance, but this ain’t as straight-forward as it may sound… You’ll need the Item ID of each collection Item in order to be able to update it via Zapier. And for now the only way to get this ID available, is to manually add this into a field in your collection item…

Thank you for your quick response @PatSimons.
So, for now, I’m guessing I have to go and get the service from some other platform and embed it…

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