External file storage which allows to keep the same url to the file when the file is replaced or modified

Good morning,

I hope everyone is doing well? I am looking for a solution for my client to be able to upload large files (100-1000MB) - I already achieved this with AWS, which allows uploading large files.

I want to make file management experience even better and allow user / web admin to reupload files if changes required, but not to change a permalink that takes user to that file.

In AWS case if I replace the file, the URL changes and I need to update it in the Webflow CMS, which can potentially lead to some errors. Is there a solution, which will work like AWS, but allow user to replace files without changing URL?

I hope this all makes sense and thank you for all responses.

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I assume you’re using S3? If you upload your file as a named object, e.g. myfile.dat then you can replace it and still access the new version using that same bucket url & filename. That’s different from the object UUID.

Note though that S3 keeps the old versions too as version history so they’ll accumulate. I’d probably stick with S3 here due to the file size and your current setup, but dropbox also supported named-file urls, and so does any hosting provider like Netlify if you’re OK with the zip upload process.

Hi Eugene,

That’s one of the problems this was built to solve: https://fetchgate.com/

Checkout the feature list here.

Hope that helps!