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Create FTP Client for paid accounts

Is it possible to integrate an FTP client into Webflow to make HTML & CSS export more convenient?
Otherwise web-developers need to download it manually and re-upload it to the destination webspace.


Hi @Duskolo, that’s an interesting idea, we will check it out on the next review session we do on the wish list items. Thanks for your feedback ! :smile:

Cheers, Dave


I like to support this idea!!!
It would be a great additional feature of webflow to directly upload the code to the own server platform by ftp-function. Because until now it is very awkward to handle the zip-files for every update.


The web flow team just came with a custom domain publishing. Which is paid feature. I have added my voice to the review of this feature on the forum and the need to harmonise it with the ftp/sftp publishing.

Please also make your vote heard on selective publishing to make sense of all this feature request.