Updates to our pricing and plans

I wonder if these increased prices will help speed up the improvements that have been pending for the longest of times (such as being able to link hosting plans to different sites or utilising a new theme w/o having to either re-sub at full cost or creating a new Webflow project entirely).

At least add ‘form file upload’ in CMS plan if you are increasing its price by 40%


Well, I just had two clients request to cancel their site plans with news of the price hike. They’re not interested in Logic or Memberships—they want a custom site with a CMS. They’re looking at other hosting prices and cannot fathom why Webflow is so much more expensive (frankly, neither can I).

I sincerely hope that Webflow considers separating Logic and Memberships from the core CMS plan (and adjusting the price down). “Simple” sites no longer make financial sense on this platform.

Heck, look at Squarespace—they’re base plan (which includes an UNLIMITED CMS) is $16USD/mo billed annually. If you want more, you pay more.

I’m going to have to learn how to integrate a headless CMS and export my sites from Webflow…


Webflow had a huge edge over the competition but that gap continues to narrow as new platforms spring up.

Perhaps the core CMS plan could be considered historically under priced for single site owners, but with the lack of bulk pricing I would think keeping it at 20/mo for multi site owners would have been considered an olive branch to the ones bringing the cake.

Fortunately I’ve migrated most of my sites over to my own stack the past two years to avoid these types of discussions with my customers.

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Hey @matthewpmunger. Can you confirm that this is the list of plans currently available:


Just trying to get my head around the changes.


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There are two plan types: 1) Workspace plans, 2) Site Plans

Workspace Plans
(Free – Available to everyone)

  • Starter

(Paid: In-House Teams)

  • Core
  • Growth

(Paid: Freelancers / Agencies)

  • Freelancer
  • Agency

Site Plans

  • Free
  • Basic
  • CMS
  • Business
  • Ecommerce

Everyone will require a Workspace, even if it’s free :slight_smile:
To publish any site to a custom domain or to access incr. CMS items, you’ll need a paid site plan.

Thanks @Emily_Lonetto. Were you able to keep a straight face while writing that explanation?

You sort of prove my point. Why is it so hard to create a clear, simple overview?

(I know, you’ll read this and think “Well, it’s clear to us …”)

Happy Wednesday

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Webflow should offer CMS lite plan. Or the basic plan should include let’s say: 1 CMS collection and 10 collection items.

For example portfolio site with 4 study cases. For 4 cms items to pay so much. Not all clients needs Mega CMS. It’s too restrict pricing (all or nothing). ***I know a lot of sites that’s duplicate single pages because of this.


This is a comment I fully agree with :clap:

Webflow should have handled the issue themselves without shifting the burden to the customers however due to the living crisis it doesn’t seem like that plan will work out after all.

I hope they announce a better plan forward as my agency has spent the grace period, exporting code elsewhere and working out a creative way to use Webflow for the bare minimum (if at all) :grinning:

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