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Updated my website ✌️

Hey all,

Been a while since I worked on my website so I decided it to give it a bit of a refresh. A lot of the stuff I’ve worked on (and am working on) is highly confidential, so I wanted to make a simple, concise one page site that tells people a bit more about me and how I work. Nothing too fancy but the animated header text was fun to do :smiley:

Cheers! :webflow_heart:

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very nice @jamiesamman992. Congrats on the update. Maybe consider some hovers on links? Its hard sometimes for a user to distinguish links without it. Something subtle to keep it consistent with the rest of your site. Again, great work!!

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Looks tidy and to the point.

Since you have mentioned motion design as one of your specialization I think it would have made sense to add a bit of that into the page? I am a sucker for good motion design myself and love seeing not over the top animation made with webflow!

The only thing that kinda bothered me is the lack of space between headings and intro text under each section, and the fact that headings are less emphasized than said text. Talking about this combo.

Hovers on links would be nice but I do not think that currently they are indistinguishable - after all they have the underscore for visibility.

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Oh, Jamie, here is the worse things than styling though. Have a look at what people with, say, macbook pro and a couple of panels in the browser will see. Just create a flex block inbetween your header and “about me” and put your " Hi, I’m Jamie…" part inside, centering it vertically in that block.

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great spot, will adjust it so it scales properly :smiley:

Remembering that people actually do have these ridiculously narrow slits of a browser very often is sometimes hard!