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Soft-launched my design site


After around a month of getting to grips with Webflow, learning and testing, I’ve soft-launched my site this weekend.

It’s light on content at the moment, but I have loads of content ready to publish and lined up for the year ahead, mostly around video tutorials and free design resources focussed mainly on aspiring and junior designers. The blog content I have published on the site so far is really just placeholder stuff. I’m not publishing my own original content until I’ve tested the hell out of this site and got other back end systems perfected (CMS, newsletter system etc), then I’ll do a proper launch.

I wanted to go ahead with a soft launch because I think it’s important to just get it up and running. Otherwise, projects with no specific deadlines can easily remain in development for months. So the site will be developed on a visual and a UX basis over the coming months.

Working in Webflow has been fantastic and I can’t wait to develop this site and others over the coming months and years!


Looks great! :grinning: I love the way you’ve used transitions!

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Well done, clean simple and modern. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

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Lovely feel to the site,

A very good job, well done!

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Well done.

The icons and the cleanliness works! - Great Job.

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Thank you all for your lovely feedback, it’s great validation and motivation for the work ahead in iterating upon the website and creating the vast amount of content I have planned :grinning:


Very clean and modern, good job.

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Nice work @jamie_dunmore!

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