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My portfolio site is in beta

Hello all,

Hope all is well on the Webflow forum. Thought I’d share what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. I’m looking to move on from my current job so have built a new portfolio site to showcase my work and demonstrate my web design skills.

You can see it here:

And here’s the read-only link:

If anyone knows of any consultancies/agencies that are seeking digital designers, be sure to let me know as I’m on the lookout!

And I say this a lot, but huge thanks to the Webflow team for making something that has allowed me to build stuff on the web without having to spend months learning code. I’d still be in Photoshop pushing pixels around if it wasn’t for WF!


P.S. I haven’t SEO’d the site yet so it won’t show up well in searches, but I will get round to it :wink:


Hey Jamie,

I like it a lot. It looks very clean, straight forward and sympathetic. Nice use of imagery and typography. Thumbs up :+1:

All the best,

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Hi Marius,

Thanks for the feedback! I like the word sympathetic, that’s exactly what I was going for - something that is approachable and most importantly easy to use (I got a good lesson on this forum a while ago about the value of KISS aka keep it simple stupid, and that’s something I aimed for with my site).

Checked out your page and absolutely love your logo! Looking forward to see what you are building.