Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Just launched a redesign of my website!

Let me know what you think.



yeah nice. one thing tho; the parallax scrolling image behind the first testimonial is sticky and jerky. it doesnt do that on the second one. dunno what’s causing it… image not tall enough?

i like the boss :wink:

Looking good man - nice touch adding Zeta too :smile:

Parallax image is working fine on my desktop btw

Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback.

well i’m not seeing things, just trying to be helpful

on my 27" imac: in safari there is no parallax effect, the bg image doesn’t move at all, the front panels simply scroll over fixed bg images, in chrome the image gets ‘stuck’ to the scrolling panel opening for about 1/4 the screen height of travel then it releases it & it sort of jumps down/up to it’s new position, but it doesn’t smoothly scroll at all

firefox & chrome on windows (xp pro, 22" screen) the bg image also doesn’t move at all.

also weirdly on those 2 windows browsers the main heading (web design & web development) letters are all slightly different heights. the s’s are taller and the w’s & V’s, & the P is shorter. It looks VERY ragged.

also on those 2 windows browsers the ‘work with me’ grey boxes… the first one is taller than the other 3 by one line. Inspecting that text & other sections shows many sections have speech marks at start/end, but they dont appear on any browser. not sure what that’s about.

Now i know windows is not good with fonts, but… i would check it on windows & get rid of all the strange quotation marks maybe? (and nbsp’s at the end of sections.)


Thanks for the feedback Wolfie. I’ll check on those things you mentioned.

sorry mate… thats the pita of web design… having to scuttle between macs & windows machines and try things on as many browsers as possible on both… and let’s not even get into IE6!!! :flushed: