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Updated Business Website - Domin8 Designs


I always read about how difficult it is to update/redevelop a website for yourself… two years later here I am finally happy (I think) with a much more comprehensive result.

Any feedback would be more than welcome for the updated site for my small web design business at We’re a very small operation out of Tasmania in Australia, and I really value the thoughts and opinions of everyone here on the forum so that’d be great.

The intention, as per the business itself, isn’t for a crash-bang awe-inspiring website - rather to do the basics right but enhance these with a bit of flair, so hopefully that comes across.

There are no doubt some tweaks required across the devices etc., and haven’t done a major launch yet, but thought I’d put it out there for comment so cheers!


Really nice and simple. :sunglasses:

Two things though, the icons need to be more grey to match the text color, and I would probably state that Tasmania is in Australia cause I wouldn’t assume anybody would know where Tasmania is and therefore kind of ruins the trust factor for me.

Hope this helps. :wink::+1:

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Thanks for the feedback. They’re great points, and certainly appreciate it. Good call on the icons, I’ll get onto that.

Given the scale of our business, our target market is really just limited at the moment to Tasmanian and smaller Australian businesses, organisations etc. I actually received some feedback from some local client’s in the opposite too:joy: - that Hobart, Tasmania, Australia line is a bit tedious and that ‘we all know where Hobart is’ - but a good consideration all the same. Cheers @VladimirVitaliyevich

Love the site @domin8tor, playful, clean & easy to navigate.
The only thing that I think needs changing is the transparency of the nav bar when scrolling. Maybe it would be better if you made it less transparent and more white.

Great website though


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really cool!

Loving the jQuery typing effect too. Nice touch :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mattbrant1981, great to hear. The transparency has come up more than once so will definitely consider that change, more than fair enough. It’s taken a while but appreciate the comments - cheers!

Thanks @EvanJones, wanted to keep the fundamentals relatively clean and simple and highlight areas with a little bit of pizazz. Thanks!