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New site for a client

After several months of work, this site just went live this week!

It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to take a client through the process of developing a visual identity AND then using that identity to create their website. Usually, I only get to work on one of those. Also, my wife did the bulk of the photography for the site. (Not counting the projects featured on the portfolio page.)

Thanks for looking!

Very nice website. It preforms really well; images load up fast.

I have a view things I would like to bring to your attention.

When I first loaded the site I thought it was a site for woodworkers (making carvings and whatnot). I think it was the combination of the word craftsmen and the picture of the woodworking tools. That could just be me though, I pickup on the small things sometimes.

Two things I would have a look are your light boxes (the picture you click on isn’t the picture that appears in the popup.) and the email links at the end of your service descriptions. They open the default mail client on the users computer which in my experience seems to never be setup. This leaves the user stranded.

I would also suggest styling the focused state for all of your links and form inputs. This allows users who use their keyboards to navigate your website.

great work!

Thanks for the feedback, Davidn! That’s helpful.

Can I give a small bit of feedback based on the photography of the featured projects.

What I’d do is use Lightroom (or any other software program, but LR does it automatically) and center horizontal & vertical lines of the photo.

You’ll lose a bit of the photo, but it’s more easy on the eye to look at. Check:



Anything else is very well done. I like the nice conversion buttons, and forms. The site is clear, quick and to the point. No nonsense. My compliments.

Nice! That’s a really helpful tip. Thanks!