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Update on Klarna for Webflow

Hello Webflowers,

I am very happy to share with you that Stripe has released a Public Beta for Klarna which means that with some coding-skills (as far as I understand) Klarna can now, through stripe, be integrated and used for Webflow Ecommerce. I know this is on the wishlist and I have made plenty of requests myself.

Check this link:

If there is something I am missing, please let me know!


This is sweet! :smiley: I hope someone can make a tutorial on how to make this work with Webflow.


@perkristian did you manage to work this out?

No, unfortunately. I am not a programmer either so…
But what I had a quick look at the Stripe documentation about Klarna. And it seems that the Klarna integration which is in beta is based on an old Stripe API (Sources). They state that the API is still going to work but is depreciated so it may not be a future proof solution.

Hoewer I had a look around and it seems that Klarna will be coming soon through the Payment Method API. I don’t know how Webflow’s Stripe integration is set up but maybe it’s a possibility that Webflow will support it when the payment method is supported in the Stripe API. Any insights to share with us who need Klarna to work @gaby_izarra ?

@gaby_izarra any updates on this?


It’s possible to integrate Klarna Checkout with Webflow. I just created a demo site showcasing the possibility.

Check it out live here:

Webflow Showcase:

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We’re all very exited to hear more from you, cloneable or not, we really would appreciate a walkthrough of some sort. Happy to pay for it!

@StefanBlendulf . I just did an integration with Webflow E-commerce and Klarna Checkout aswell. Send me a DM if you want more information and I can tell you more about how it works.

Hey, can you share a video on how you did it? Would be so interested! Especially the pay later part…

Nicklas! I would love to hear about the Klarna Checkout integration, not sure how to send you a message though… Do you have a walkthrough?

Hey Ludvig,

Please send me an e-mail at for more information about the integration.