Klarna Checkout [Would you use it?] Ready to Develop

Hello there,


… Yes, we are many who have asked.

Anyway, we are about to finalize a SaaS-like solution that would simply have you paste a Klarna Checkout API key, select your Webflow project from a dropdown list, copy > paste a snippet and be ready to go.

Before we proceed with this final. I know there are workarounds out there, but none have been phenomenal.

Would you pay for this? And what would the pricing structure/tiering look like for you to consider such?

Any inputs help here and we could have this ready for you - SOON! :slight_smile:


Not a day to late. Would absolutely pay for this solution. No doubt!

Hi @StefanBlendulf

I am just working on a website for a Norwegian customer, so this might be a good solution for them, too. The other existing option is to integrate Foxy who include Klarna - so that might help in positioning the price of your solution, I guess… I assume that your snippet would work with the Weblow e-commerce plan, right?

Thanks, looking forward!

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Hi all.
Josh with Foxy here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance: hello@foxy.io


You can not do ecommerce in Scandinavia without Klarna. And you can not do ecommerce in Norway without Vipps.

Any update on this Stefan? Would be great to have this feature available! Cant believe Webflow has not already got this up and running to be honest!