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Klarna ecommerce integration in Webflow

Hi you all!

I’ve just have a general question about integration… Is i possible to integrate Klarna using API to Webflow?

Link to Klarna here:

Thanks in advance!


Depends on how/what you want to use both APIs for.

Well… A potential customer has asked me if it’s possible to make a re-design of their ecommerce website. They use Klarna Checkout on their current page, and would like to continue using Klarna. And this is all I know at the moment @samliew

So there is no clear answer to this?

Yeah, any time you want to use API of some sort, a developer will need to sit down and work out the implementation. That’s why I say “it depends” - it takes time and research to develop such an app.

I’m sorry… I guess my head is not working at all at the moment @samliew, but do you need to develop an app first, and then integrate it to webflow to make this work? I thought API was kind of a code/key I could use/implement in Webflows API … in settings panel, or… maybe somewhere else. Or set things up the way you do with Foxycart?
This is probably just a very stupid question from me… so sorry about that… but I just don’t get the app thing. Is this because Webflow and Klarna don’t work together in the first place?

The Webflow CMS API is a HTTP JSON API and allows you to programatically add, update, and delete items from the Webflow CMS, allowing you to connect external data sources to your Webflow sites.

You can access the API directly via HTTP, via the official JavaScript API client, or via any third-party integrations for your language of choice.


Yes, you develop an app that access both APIs to go-between and update content whichever way you want. This app can not be hosted on Webflow.

Did you ever manage to make this work? i am wondering about the same issue with my own website…

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Look at this:

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The informatio i got a few weeks back from Webflow @WebDev_Brandon was that the Klarna integration on Stripe is not working.

If you have some other information pls let me know

Hi all.
For what it’s worth, with Foxy, you can accept payments via Klarna in your Webflow site. More info about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here:

We offer an unlimited free trial, free one-on-one onboarding, and more. Please let us know if we can help you get started.


Hi all! :sweden: :boom: :100:

I am happy to share my latest project where I have integrated Klarna Checkout with Webflow.

I created a live demo site for the cause and you can view it here.

Webflow Showcase:

I’m having this problem too, can you help me?