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Setup Klarna checkout with API integration in Webflow

Hi there Webflowers!

I am creating an ecommerce site for my new padel brand on the URL (right now there’s only a one-page teaser page on the URL. Anyhow, I’ve created the entire ecom site and hosted to my test URL. Although, I’m struggling with one last thing before release.

If you launch an ecommerce store in Sweden, or even the Nordics, the conversion rate will decrease significantly if you don’t have support for the Klarna checkout. It’s a no brainer and hygiene factor these days for many reasons. Hence, I really need to get this working before launch in three weeks, hehe…

I have been looking at several forum threads on this. For instance the Klarnaflow thread by InblickNicklas and the Stripe integration with Klarna. Unfortunately, no proper solution can be found in the forums yet.

I’ve followed the very neat setup guide on YouTube:

Also, the documentation is very good from Klarna’s side:

Although, I’m not a developer. I’m a marketer (with at least some basic technical knowledge), but this requires some mad dev skills. So here’s to my question(s):

  1. Have a look at that YouTube video at 4:45. What am I supposed to put in the “push” field? Do I have to connect my Webflow site with e.g. Firebase in order to execute this properly?

  2. Is there a way to setup “HTTP Basic Auth for authentication” of e.g. Klarna API calls right away in Webflow, or do I need Firebase?

  3. Do anyone have experience with this? Please let me know.

My setup: I’ve made the entire site in Webflow and I’m using Postman to sort the API calls. I have no further backend solution in place. Using the “products” and “categories” functions for my products in Webflow and the standard checkout and order confirmation pages. I want the iframe to be integrated on that checkout page (easily done with custom code, I guess).

Huge thanks in advance. The one who solves this will forever be my hero!

Best regards,
Joakim from Peliga



did you get this sorted out? I am also interested in a Klarna/Vipps solution for a Norwegian Company.