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Add Klarna Checkout


I was trying to figure out how to have Klarna checkout for webflow website, Klarna is an online checkout integration… Klarna is used basically in Scandinavian countries and in some countries in Europe, offering different methods of paying including installments payments with quick automatic credit check according to buyer information.

I contacted Klarna and the send me this link to read about how to set up Klarna and they said that I have to know how to do the integration to make it work, here is the link:

Here is what Klarna wrote me regarding having their soluation for Webflow:
"since (at least what I know) there is no plugin for Klarna in Webflow, that will sure require some development. What you get from us after getting a contract is the API credentials, if you know how to do the integration it can work, several stores have done their own integrations. However, this is nothing we can help with or provide support for.
You can test the integration by creating a test account at and you’ll find integration documentation at"

Hope to find any suggested help to have this amazing thing on Webflow.

This is a server side checkout, similar to Stripe. You’d need to set this up on your own server. This is just like Snip cart. Needs a server to manage it.

Go to the “Need a developer” and view partners plugins:

Yaa… i couldn’t find a way to have Klarna yet… it is really useful for many countries in Northern Europe, so having a developer to integrate it won’t help you think?

@JanneWassberg Did you do any further investigations into this?

I found something call Mollie, it is a payment online method that works with Foxycart checkout (I use Foxycart checkout), so Mollie has Klarna and it works on webflow project through Foxy but not in my country in Norway

So it can not be applied to Wf?

I sent Wf about that and they answered the following:

3-If i have a developer can I apply Klarna Checkout API to my webflow website? is it open to do that? how can we do it?
While I’d love to specifically help you with this particular question, the implementation of custom code falls outside of our scope of support. However, yes, you could certainly reach out to a developer to see if they could implement that checkout API.
Or, you could always reach out on our forum in the custom code category and ask your question there as well.

Hi, I would also like to use Mollie for the purpose of local EU payment processors.
workarounds like shopify allow for mollie integration (in shopify) but it’s an extra cost and limited options for customization.
Did test this because shopify also integrates with printful DTG service, but since webflow announced a direct printful integration this week, I decided to skip shopify and hire a freelance developper to integrate Mollie API into webflow project.


Yes it is possible to integrate Klarna Checkout with Webflow. I created a demo site showcasing the Klarna Checkout on a Webflow hosted site.

Check it out live here:

Webflow Showcase:

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Hey I am trying to integrate Klarna right now. Can you share a little more about how you did it? Are you using HPP?

How do you get over the CORS cross domain issue? Looks like I’ll need my own server?

Help is appreciated!!

Hey! @drungsea sorry for late reply. You are correct, you will need to set up your own server. In my example I am using Google Firebase for backend functions.

Thanks for the reply, ya I’m trying to integrate the financing option for a client, but my skills hit a wall when it comes to their api integration (which I feel is terrible because it doesn’t have any examples?)

I don’t have an experience with Google Firebase, but in your solution, you can still keep the site hosted in Webflow?

Yes the site is till developed & hosted through Webflow. In my demo I integrated it with Webflow CMS.

The documentation I followed can be found here:

cool, thanks for that! it seems like firebase is a good idea