Update date field in CMS automatically from Eventbrite

I want to be able to update the date field in a CMS collection when I change then date on an Already created Class event on Eventbrite.
I have classes at a Makerspace and every week or every other week we have the same class so we just change the date. I have made a CMS class collection of all the classes and only show the upcoming classes on the page. Every time we change the date on Eventbrite we have to update the date field in the CMS collection manually even though we have connected our cart through to the classes Webflow page. I was thinking we could use the API to update the date field but I can’t figure it out. Any guidance would be awesome. Thanks.

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Automation. A tool like Make .com will help.
Your big challenge though will be matching your Make event to the correct Webflow CMS ID. You might need a lookup table in Google Sheets or Airtable to maintain this conveniently.

Eventbrite gives each item an ID already and to have the Modal for the cart on the page I have to use that one.
Appreciate the reply, are you saying to use Airtable or Sheets as well as what I use already?

Yes but Webflow cannot lookup a CMS item, it requires the CMS Item ID, which is why you need a map somewhere. If you can store it in a custom eventbrite field that gets picked up by your automation, fantastic.