Recurring/repeating CMS event by date

Hi there, I have a client that has a series of 10 events that occur every Thursday in a repeating order (i.e. goes routes 1 through to 10 then goes back to 1 and starts again).

Currently the client has to go in and manually update the events each 10 week cycle - I was wondering if there was any way or thoughts on how I could automate this for them.

I want to keep the same CMS items (as these have their own slug, as opposed to creating new events each cycle) but essentially just update the date.

My initial thought was to add in 2-3 more date fields for future events that way these can be scheduled - but thought I’d reach out to see if there was a more autonomous way or thoughts, thanks!


  • It’s always the same 10 events every week
  • All of them always happen every week [ pretty much ]
  • They’re always in the same order with the same basic cme & details

Then it sounds like only the date changes and that it’s only a visual thing. In that case, I’d probably simply update it with javascript. No automation needed.

There are more advanced options, of course, like;

  • using a automation against a calendar trigger to update your event dates.
  • creating a linked table “Event Date” which contains the dates, and only shows the date of the next one coming
  • using Google maps to handle irregular schedules for each event and script to query that JSON feed.

But I’d go with the simplest that fits and that sounds like a basic “change the displayed date” script.