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Unwanted or extra text while copying text from a word document


i am facing the following issue from with web flow CMS, when ever i copy a text from word document, along with the original text, a lot of unwanted text is also copied, i have highlighted the text in the image, please do let me know how do i find a solution for this problem.


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This normaly happens when copying and pasting from word documents, have you tried copying it into notepad and trying that way?

Matthew :smile:

If you copy from word or other text editors like it, you’ll want to paste in the copy as Plain Text.

You can do this on Mac by holding: CMD + Option + Shift then hitting V

Can do this on a Windows Machine by holding: Ctrl + Shift then hitting V

By default when copying text, our machines try to copy the styling as well, that is where all the additional extraneous characters are coming from. :smile:

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions! :smiley:

Thank you,


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Hello Guys,
Thanks a lot, it works fine.

Thank you

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