Copy Paste Text adds unwanted extra <br> lines due to included Rich Formatting

I copy/paste text from anywhere (google translate, word, webflow) - paste - Result:

  • i think the problem global to all typography blocks

Text block example






Unwanted result


The code


I’m getting the same copying from anywhere, but I’ve done it pasting as plain text and that should work.

= extra time. I work fast with copy-paste - this is unwanted behavior (What about clients?)

From what I’ve experienced clients don’t have this issue on the editor.

I know this isn’t ideal and I’m pretty sure @webflow is on top of this, I’m just giving you a temporary solution so you can keep working but it’s up to you.

editor - great :slight_smile:
I know how to solve this temporary. Thanks

@aaronocampo Maybe add your solution for other users (I copy/paste the text to the broswer Address bar - than copy-paste to webflow) - i dont know if this is the best trick

In the screenshot you sent says that in order to paste in plain text you need to press Ctrl + Shift + V I think it’s easier than pasting to the address bar and copying and paste it again.

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Hi @Siton_Systems, Webflow does not strip out any extra characters that are invisible like non-breaking spaces or other formatting when copied text from Rich Formatted text like Word or Google Docs.

The solution is as @aaronocampo mentioned, and that is to copy and then paste as plain text.

I hope this helps.

I copy-paste from webflow himself (see my screenshots) and get this bug. Ok if this is the way the software should work for simple “hello world” copy from one block to another (To remember always extra Key) - I even dont know this shortcut beacuse i never find a case i need this.

In my opinion this is a bug. But if you say this is how the software should work i will close this topic. Thanks

Hi @Siton_Systems, thanks for your reply. Can you share exact kinds of elements you are coping from and to what kind of element?

I test copy hello world text from a text block to another text block div and did not run into the same issue:

I would also check to see if the same issue happens if you are in incognito mode.

Thanks in advance,

Another user finds the same problem. I work on chrome (last version ) - windows - also under incognito mode. In all type of typo blocks

@cyberdave I have to say that the same thing happens to me no matter where I paste the text from, could be from a text document, web, webflow itself and I get the same.

I started to always pasting as plain text but if I forget I have to go back and copy the text again and paste it again. Imagine if I have to do this hundreds of times a day hehe.

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Hi @aaronocampo, can you let me know what kind of computer you are on and what browser version? Does the same thing happen in a different browser?

Could you take a screencast of the behavior?

I use a 27 iMac, I normally use Opera as my default browser (I know, I’m that weird :rofl:) you can see my version here: But I’ver tried it in Safari and Chrome and I get the same result.

Here is what I get copying from a word document:

The first time I paste text it pastes weird stuff and the second time I paste it as plain text and everything works ok.

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