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CMS copy and paste


I have an issue when I paste my text in the field and every time I made the changes on it. It goes back, and it’s very frustrating. Here’s a screenshot and is there a workaround this or any helpful tips would be great?


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Hi @Jose_Ortega,

Copy pasting text from external files and documents can always be an issue in rich text editors. I often have issues when I copy paste text from a PDF document (which is provided by clients). Copy pasting from an external document (e.g. MS Word) into Webflow’s rich text editor could automatically add some formatting. You can avoid this issue by pasting your copied text without formatting.

In Mac you can use COMMAND+SHIFT+V to paste unformatted text in tons of applications like Chrome.
In Windows you can use CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste unformatted text.

By any chance, did you see this forum post? You’re not the only one having this issue:

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Thanks, @reiniermartin that was very helpful! I didn’t find any post related to what I was looking for but glad I’m not the only one!

Thank you again!

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