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CMS - Paste from word doc - Removes spaces between some words

What? From word doc (windows) to webflow rich-text area (Blog post).
Some customers complain (It happened to me a few times)…

One solution is to “paste as plain text” but “plain” = missing heading (H1-6), bold text, links and so on :frowning: + Clients Used to use regular Ctr+V.

Anyone else has come across this problem?

Hi @Siton_Systems,

At the moment, copy and pasting text from Word to the rich text block, and separately styling the text fonts etc in the designer is the best approach to avoid issues as the Rich Text element we have does it’s best to import and convert that unicode text to html, but sometimes unexpected unicode characters get pasted in, and borks the rich text editing.

We realize that having a better way to work with Word and Google docs is needed. We are working on updates to make that experience a better one because we use both Word & Google docs also for our copy and know that this is a pain point:


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