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Unwanted Horizontal Scroll Displaying differently in Designer, Preview, & Live site - Can't find the cause

Hi all,

I recently ran into a strange issue with unwanted horizontal scrolling/site-width and can’t find the root cause. (White bar on right side of Designer)

In the designer, the issue presents as a white bar that clips any images/backgrounds as if the body tag has been styled (it hasn’t though) Image from designer below.

However in the preview - it all displays normally and with no scroll bar. Snapshot below.

In the published site, it appears as overflowing content that pushes everything out to roughly 110%vw and adds a horizontal scroll bar WITH the extra whit boarder …

The issue is present on all pages of the site but deleting symbols like the Nav & Footer did nothing. I think it has to do with body tag or styling of my main section’s, but after combing through it I still couldn’t find the issue.

Any insight or direction would be hugely appreciated!

Read only link below

Here is my site Read-Only: