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Unwanted white bars and horizontal scrolling on all devices

Hi guys I have been trying to fix this issue for too long now and the site is live so I need help resolving it. The site scrolls side to side and therefore shows these ugly unwanted white bars. I don’t want the site to be able to scroll side to side at all…

I thought the issue was to do with the hero image on the homepage however, I’ve started to notice the scroll side to side issue happen on mobile devices on the other site pages. The weird thing is, this only happens sometimes. Even weirder again is that the site snaps back into place once you scroll to the bottom of the page (again, this only happens sometimes).

This also happens when you scroll to the bottom of the page on the home menu…

Can someone please take a look and hopefully point me in the right direction to fix it.

Thanks guys!

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I have linked images showing what I mean

Look at the div -> .division-title-wrapper and remove the 100% width on mobile breakpoint. See if that resolves your issue.

The issue is seen on all breakpoints. I tried this and it produced no result. I can’t get my head around it and it’s starting to effect the business. I have just tried changing all the sections to 100vw but that hasn’t produced any change either.

any help would be appreciated

@webdev @jakenealedesign I am having the same problem. Been trying to resolve this for months:

100VW creates horizontal scroll. Use width:100% instead.