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Strange space to the right of my site, causing horizontal scroll

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been working on this site, and I’ve only just noticed that there’s a strange space, about 10px to the right of my site. (see below)

And this is what it looks like when Published

I went through every block in my navigator to try and ID what was causing it, but I haven’t found anything unusual. No padding going outside its container, or overflow visible when it should be set to hidden.

After spending a good hour or so on that, I thought I’d just make my life easy and shove everything into a overflow container, but that came out even weirder!!! (Check screenshot below)

it seems to mostly be affecting modules that I’ve put inside of webflow Symbols? Not sure why.

Any help with this would be a god send, as I can’t make heads or tails of it at the moment.

Here is my Read-Only Link

Checked with Safari and Chrome.
In all 4 views/widths I see NO gaps or scrollbars :exclamation:

Do you have a published link so we can try to recreate the issue?

Hey guys! Thanks so much for the replies, Its very much appreciated!

@JimF @TimSijtema

Thanks for checking for me. The problem seems to be HALF-fixed now, somehow?
I’ve done nothing to the site since I last opened it on Friday, other than refreshing the page haha.

In designer view I no longer have the space to the left of my screen, and the published page is no longer showing a horizontal scroll.

BUT this is only on the clone version that I created, before I started messing around with the site.


The clone of the website is now working seamlessly – Note, I did not make any edits to this clone, I simply made it in case I was gonna start doing a lot of crazy editing. But I ended up just using it to review my blocks and make this thread.

The original is still exhibiting this original problem

If you guys are still interested - I’ll share the links to both sites (read-only and published for both) below:





Right it seems I’m going crazy now, as the problem has 100% returned

Again, no changes were made to the site in the last 2 days, but the extra space and horizontal scrollbars have returned.

Can anyone makes heads or tails of this? Cause I’m stuck at the moment!

I have half a mind to just take an hour and copy this site over from top to bottom!