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Unwanted class changes applying to other duplicated pages

I’ve created test cms template pages in a couple of collections, and duplicated the templates to create other cms pages by . Keeping the same style layout on each page is ideal for my project, although, I’d add different images and text content on each. Unfortunately this idea is not working. Regardless of changing cms elements classes, ie; renaming the classes, duplicating the classes, and creating combo classes, unfortunately, whenever I make element class changes, the classes on the other duplicated templates change also, all ending up being identical again. This has defeated the purpose of being able to create unique content for each templated page, as text and image changes made on one page, also applies across all pages.

This only happens for one template. Changes to the template affect all CMS items “pages”, as those “pages” are based on the same template.

But is you have several collections with several templates, and if you DUPLICATE classes you’re changing (not rename, DUPLICATE), then what you describe isn’t happening.

Please, for any question regarding your work, a sharing link to your project is mandatory, at the very least a video explaining your issue. Without those, no one is capable of helping you efficiently.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you ever so much for responding. I’m completely new to Webflow and am trying to figure out how it works. Many apologies for not sharing a project link.

I think I understand now. I need to import cms item collections into the template pages, not duplicate the templates to create new web pages.