New element being duplicated in other pages

I’m working on my portfolio.
I’m using a template.
When I added to one of the project pages a new div and some heading text and image elements - it suddenly appeared on other project pages.

Those texts & images are not relevant to other projects but it seems every new element I’m adding will be duplicated on other projects.

How can I fix this?

Hello @Mika_S, so that is how collection pages work, any static elements applied to a collection page will appear on all the pages for that collection. I think this video will make things more clear to you Designing Collection pages - Webflow CMS tutorial - YouTube I hope this helps.

Hi @Pablo_Cortes
Indeed, I figured it out eventually…
So I understood CMS collection pages would not be a suitable solution for this need.
I’ll create regular pages and use CMS lists instead.

Thanks for your reply!