Unsolvable? Mobile problems

Hi all, first post on this forum but I’ve been going wild with a few problems on my Webflow website www.surftribe.co and I cannot figure out why. It seems they pop-up out of nowhere without me having changed anything in the website. It has started some 10 days ago and it’s getting worse. Anyway, here it goes:

1: I have an embed Typeform at the end of this page that was working well until yesterday. Now, when it loads and I click on “start” the view jumps to the top of the page and the page becomes “locked”, rendering it unusable. Any idea to what I might try to fix this?

  1. A very long white space appeared under the footer on the same page as above, and I cannot figure out how/why. Only on one of the two pages, and for no particular reason that I can think of.

  2. The navbar in the home-page of the website is slightly detached from the top and, as you might have guessed by now, I cannot figure out why.

All this problems are from mobile only and they do not show up in the preview while using the Webflow designer.

Any help/solutions will be met with the utmost gratitude and beers if you come down to surf in Portugal this autumn!

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Looks like you are changing things around but there are two nav elements and a hero likely playing a part?

Some additional unrelated things:

  • Section Centre has overflow set to always display scrollbar
  • Main heading is too large or need to wrap on on most breakpoints

Hi @HammerOz,
Thanks for the feedback. Fixed the mess that was the navbar and now it’s working properly. Yay!
Also fixed the overflow set to always display scrollbar (have no idea why it was set that way).

What do you mean with the last point? Sorry for the ignorance!

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All good! You aren’t being ignorant! I have these problems all the time.

The last point:,I notice in chrome dev tools responsive preview that the title was overflowing just up from the mobile portrait breakpoint or view.