Understanding the Relationship Between Website Speed and Bandwidth Usage

Hello Webflow Community,

I’m currently experiencing a significant slowdown in my site’s performance, with mobile speed being particularly dreadful. I’ve noticed that my bandwidth usage last month exceeded the threshold, recording at 445GB, well over the 400GB limit I was aiming to stay under.

This has led me to consider moving my CMS collection data from Webflow’s built-in CMS to Airtable, in hopes of alleviating some of these speed and bandwidth issues. However, I’m unsure if this would be an effective solution or if there are better alternatives within Webflow to manage bandwidth usage more efficiently.

Has anyone had a similar experience and found moving data to Airtable beneficial for website speed and bandwidth management? Or are there recommendations on optimizing within Webflow to reduce bandwidth consumption while maintaining or improving site speed, especially on mobile?

I appreciate any insights or suggestions you might have. Thank you!

my webflow website : https://www.fdoc.co.kr/