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Performance on Hosted Site

Hi there,

I’ve been working on my website hoping to use the hosted solution from webflow instead of my current hosting (on AWS). My concern is related to small performance issues. Even though the overall performance of the hosted solution from webflow seems to be very good, I have ran a few tests comparing my current website with the new one and the last seems to have a few improvements to do.

This is my current website:

And this is the new one:

I have tested both on: and Page Speed from Google.

I wonder if there is anything I can do to enhance this? Or any possible change from webflow to delivery an even better hosted solution.



Hi @guihnz good question!

TL;DR - You’re using a CDN to accelerate your site… Webflow can’t use a CDN to accelerate every site as we need to support users that don’t use a DNS provider that do not support ALIAS or CNAMEs on the root domain.

It looks like your current website is hosted directly on AWS’s Cloudfront CDN which is sitting on top of a S3 website bucket: 50 IN CNAME

For your HTML document, we don’t use a CDN in front of them because many customers are using DNS services that do not support the ALIAS DNS record type, which allows you to point your naked, or root domain to another host. Usually you can only set a A Record on the root domain, which prevents you from using a CNAME’ed CDN. For example, if you were not using Route53 for hosting, you wouldn’t be able to set your root domain to point to the S3 bucket: 54 IN A

Our hosting infrastructure is also on AWS, but we don’t have gazillions of edge locations for our proxy servers. But we hope to add more to make our hosting even faster.

NOTE - all of the images that you use and upload to your webflow site ARE accelerated by a CDN, which makes the rest of your page load fast, no matter where in the world you live. (unless you are in a cave in Mongolia).

Hi @brryant, thanks for your prompt response.

I understand that. Hopefully you can offer different options in the future according to your client needs. I wouldn’t mind to pay more to get a more advanced hosting.

Anyway, I will try to A/B test the 2 sites to understand if there is a relevant difference.


… and good answer. A more universal version of it should reach the FAQ. I don’t recall reading about this topic before purchasing.