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Unbranded Forms

After working with Webflow for a while now, I actually like using the built-in forms for clients. It’s easy enough to implement and seems to be reliable. However, I don’t understand why “To View and configure your form entries, visit…” is included in the form email to the client. Aren’t the forms supposed to be unbranded and this is giving clients a direct link to Webflow Dashboard. Seems like this should at minimum be optional in the form setup.

Interesting. In deed… it does do that.

To verify… I specifically set a Project to “Unbranded” and filled out a Form.

This is what I received in via email:

– The following is a sample email that will be sent on form submission –

Someone just submitted to Email Form from with the following:

Location Name: Avenue in Australia
Location ID: AA

To view and configure your form entries, visit

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@Revolution What do you meant “specifically set a Project to “Unbranded””?

from the dashboard
select the gear / settings option for the specific project.

(each project has it’s own gear / settings option)

from there… select the hosting option

you will see the “hide branding in html” checkbox

check it. It suppose to hide branding.

select save.

apparently… in forms… it doesn’t quite hide it :frowning:

I’m familiar with the “hide branding in html” I just assumed that was todo more with the site code since it is under hosting. It would be nice if under forms there was an option to hide that message.

@thewonglv This piece of info on forms seems unnecessary can we get it removed?

Hey Webflow team…anyway to get this addressed soon?

This is the default, but if you add anything to the form it removes this line from the email.

For example I usually just put something like:

"You have received a form submission from

{{ formData }}"

By doing this, the email only displays your text, and the information from the form.

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@LJB I don’t think we are talking about the same thing.

There is a line at the bottom of each email that has a link to the Webflow dashboard.

Yes this is true, but if you put a custom message in that line at the bottom of the e-mail will not be included. At least that is my experience in adding my own message - I just tested it with and without on 2 different sites and one had the link to the dashboard, and the one I added custom text to did not.

@LJB You are correct! I’m sure that I’d tested this before and that message was still added after but maybe not. Either way, it clearly isn’t now. Awesome!

hey. he’s right - I just tested this. It works.

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I could’ve sworn I tried this as well… strange. But all’s good now.

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