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Webflow custom form for clients - you a solution provider

Goodday Webflow-ers

I know many of you have encountered this “form issue” (I have read many of your posts) and were referred to mailchimp to do the trick.

Some of us might not prefer mailchimp for that matter, and this led me to share this “form pain” (See this pain trigger as another chance to improve Webflow) and explain why it is in everyone’s best interest to mprove it or have it improved.

Many of us here on Webflow have already designed 1 or more websites for their clients. There are 2 scenarios for this when it comes to using the form block:

1- The client asks you, the designer, to manage their website for them and that includes form handling, which I think fewer clients go for this option

2- The client asks you to hand-over their website to him (or his support team) to manage, update, and handle form submission. Most clients in my experience go for this option (if this is not the case with you, you may share your experience)

For the 2nd type of client, the Webflow designer finds him/her self in the current situation described below:

If he accepts the current Webflow form option and leaves it " as is", his client is going to receive messages like " You have a new form submission on your Webflow site!" Or similar + the "To view and configure your form entries, visit inside of the email.

You could say, we can change the message title, while this may be a workaround, the real issue is more to it. Think about it: If you are a branded company what would the client think of you? That you were able to design a beautiful site but unexpectedly unable to present a form submission that relates to the client not to your web design software?

From a marketing stand point, the designer should have control over what information he/she wish to disclose to the client and what he retain as either “better not to” or as a business secret to maintain professional integrity and business interest. Moreover, how can you design eye catching websites but leave a bland (black and white) form submission on the customer end. It would be cool if you can design branded form submission for your client - yes with colours, why not!

You could say, but why wouldn’t we want to share our pride in Webflow? Nobody argued against that statement, indeed there is a natural referral system that is going to increase Webflow fans and new users as a result of your (or our) work.

As @cyberdave once told me " It’s just going to happen". We are confident Webflow is one innovative software company and it is just a matter of time for it to be on the list of top 10 innovative companies. You could have found the software and this forum to be incomparable to others you have tried/used least to mention the staff support here around the clock. However, for those of us who want to be viewed as highly professional and the"go-to" solution providers, we need to give these professionals the competitive edge they have been waiting for. Do you agree? @callmevlad @thesergie

Thank you!




So is there a way to not show ("To view and configure your form entries, visit inside of the email.)

Hi @MrCannon, I also had this problem.

Solution: To the right of the Email Template box you will see this message:

“Available variables are: siteName, formName,formData and formDashboardUrl.”

Just type in {{formData}} as your specified variable and it will remove the {{formDashboardUrl}} automatically :wink:

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