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Three Problems with Form Submissions

(For a specific client website I am working on)

I set the reply-to address - to my ms exchange email address.

(1)… the website is not using the supplied email address

(2) It appears has been spammed ?? Or at least Barracuda thinks it’s spam.

We have a server rack that contains a Barracuda Firewall / Spam Filter server as well as one of our Microsoft Exchange servers.

Messages from are sitting in our Quarantine folder. This tells us… Barracuda Central considers messages from to be a potential spam. You might want to contact Barracuda and address this issue. For me… I’ve white listed the address - so hopefully I’ve solved this issue (for me). Other Barracuda users might still encounter this issue.

(3) “To view and configure your form entries, visit

Why is this notice back in our messages. I thought it was removed a while ago… or at least I complained about it a while ago. Notice the domain name.

@cyberdave @PixelGeek

I could be wrong here, but I believe that the reply-to address should be set to the address of the individual sending the form, not yourself.

Unless you want to send replies to people who submit forms on your site to yourself…

(I was testing the site…) I wasn’t really testing the contact form. I did it by accident… forgetting that the contact form would be sent from the webflow server.

Normally… I export the site and let our mail servers handle it.

anyone ?..

the email address that the email is coming from will always be "" . This is different that the “Reply-To” address.

The “Reply-To” address only takes effect when the user clicks on the reply button in their email client. If we allowed users to change the email address where the email is really coming from, they can spoof it and use it for malicious reasons.

Is there anyway to white-label in your system?

I understand what spoofing is… apparently I mis-understood a prior statement Webflow made about this feature.

Having the domain name… kinda blows the white-label idea.

In fact… if you check the whois for… you see Webflow as the owner of the domain.

I generally export… the only reason I caught this issue was I was in hurry and decided not to export and test. I was testing the website directly on the Webflow servers.

When I export… I change the mail features over to our servers… and the reply address is always the clients reply email address.

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