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Please, tell me what is ment by "Unbranded Form Emails" in PRO plan?

Please help me to undertand what are Unbranded Form Emails? Can we export site to html and see full css and html code or some parts of code are in webflow site? If we delete site from webflow account, can we get working forms in the exported copy of site from othe hosting ?

You can anyway and without exporting the code make a form work outside of webflow servers… you can for example build a mailchimp form within webflow designer and the form will have nothing to do with Webflow servers.

Unbranded forms means there’s no way for your client to realize the forms are handled by Webflow, I think.

I’d like a bit more info on this as well? I have a client that might be interested in their own plan but the “branded forms” on the smaller plan is holding them back. I haven’t looked very far into this yet so the answer maybe more obvious than I think.

I think the branded form has to do with what your client recieves. The webflow form doesn’t send emails out to users. It sends emails to the site owner to let them know there was a form submission. The email sent to the owner is labled webflow form and has the email address no-replay.webflow.com. when it is unbranded you can change the replay address.

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