Unable to verify domain


I added a custom domain from Oman tel domain provider and I added the values for A, TXT and CNAME records correctly but when I click on “verify Domain” : it says Unable to verifv domain - please check the value of your verification key ou check whether the TXT record has propagated"

Thanks for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Hipetco)
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Hi Nooshin, what’s the domain?

You need to check the dns with a tool like MXtoolbox or any dns lookup tool, to see what’s propagated. Either your TXT hasn’t propagated and you need to contact your DNS provider to fix that, or you may have created it incorrectly.

Hi Michael,

My domain is hipetco.om
I just check with MXtoolbox and found 8 problems. Please check screenshot below.
![Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 4.30.39 PM|690x298]

I really appreciate your help! Could you tell me what’s the problem come from?

Thank you in advance for your support!

Check https://www.hipetco.om, with the s and the www.

That .om extension is going to cost you a ton of traffic loss if the site is meant to be global. I saw .com initially, especially with the co.om. it’s like an optical illusion.

Your main DNS config looks ok, I’m assuming this is a localized site.

id 50764, opcode QUERY, rcode NOERROR, flags QR RD RA
www.hipetco.om. IN A
proxy-ssl-geo.webflow.com. 60 IN A
proxy-ssl-geo.webflow.com. 60 IN A
proxy-ssl-geo.webflow.com. 60 IN A
www.hipetco.om. 14400 IN CNAME proxy-ssl.webflow.com.
proxy-ssl.webflow.com. 14 IN CNAME proxy-ssl-geo.webflow.com.

However I’m not seeing a TXT record.
You’ll want to double check that, and contact your DNS support.

Thank you! I edited my DNS records. I hope they’re correct.

and here are webflow values:

Have you clicked Verify domain?
At a glance it looks good.

I was able to verify. :smile:
My client gave the wrong website for managing domain and I just made the changes to DNS. I published the site but it doesn’t load. I also tried opening in incognito webpage but it still doesn’t work. Maybe I have to wait for a while.

I made www as default and It’s working now! Thank you so much Michael for keeping up with this issue and for your help!

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Hi Michael I am having trouble verifying our company domain - FriendlyManager.com
I would love some help if you had some time
DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool
It has something to with the txt record not being able to verify - any ideas?

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 10.25.45 AM

Hi Karl, in my experience TXT records can take longer to propagate globally. Some registrars like GoDaddy are especially slow and flaxy with TXT records.

But you can see it’s propagating, it may take up to 48h, even 72h for some corners of the World.

Hi Michael, thank you so much for getting back to me - would that even though that site says it has updated it actually might not have?
Our domain provider is Route 53 do you have any experience with this?

What site are you referring to? Your DNS provider can only tell you they’ve updated their own DNS, they can’t force others to propagate as well.

I have never used them but I’ve seen them mentioned here with various issues in the past.

I only use Cloudflare’s DNS for my own clients because I’ve found it to be very robust and to update quickly.

Hey Michael,
I am having a problem verifying my domain even with the TXT record in. It has been over 3 days now and I am still unable to verify my domain.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 111732

Hey Kenny, the TXT record doesn’t look correct. The name needs to be set to _webflow to be seen by the verifier.

Note your _dmarc one at the bottom of your screenshot, it will look similar to that when it’s set correctly.