Verification Issue TXT Records


Hoping somebody can help pls. I’m really struggling to verify my custom domain. Getting this error message:

It appears to be something with the TXT Record. There wasn’t a TXT Record with my domain provider so I created one and have tried a variety of different codes but none seem to work:

Here’s a screenshot of all the codes on my domain provider:

And these are the options I get to enter values if I create a new TXT Record:

Can somebody help me please?

Looks like you’re missing the _Webflow in the hostname field.

Update that and give it at least a few hours.

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Thanks so much. I will put that in the Host Name field now.

But can you just let me know what I should put in the Value field pls? Is it one of these please?


one-time-verification=0e1c77df-5f61-476c-87d4-511aba290960 goes in your Value field for the TXT… the goes in the value field of your www-hostname CNAME record (which you have done already).

Thanks you mate. Really appreciate that!!!