Unable to update project due to constant 'Connection Error'

Screenshot 2024-06-15 123729

My Connection speed test:
Screenshot 2024-06-15 124748

Issue as the title mentioned, from the past few days until to date, I am unable to work with webflow designer, sometimes my connection would dropout completely and prompt me that i am not logged in, my connection is stable on other websites, was working fine until recently, this is very frustrating for not being able to deliver and update new contents.

My project is not on free trial.

Suggestions and methods that I tried:

  1. Switched to Edge, Firefox, Chrome vice versa
  2. Clearing Cache & History for all browsers
  3. Unpublished and Republished project
  4. Cleared unused styles (the project i am working on is not using cms)
  5. Reinstalled Chrome
  6. Switched to other projects
  7. Flushed DNS
  8. Tested on mobile, laptop & desktop
  9. Removing custom javascript codes
  10. Optimized images, no videos
  11. Working in incognito mode
  12. Changing to Google Public DNS settings
    After all of the above, the issue still persists.

Any help would appreciated.

I’m currently having the same issue as well. Takes ages to load designer from dashboard, and when it’s loaded any changes won’t be saved can’t even change page stuck forever. Extremely frustrating when this happens.

Checked with status.webflow.com all seems green. Sent a support ticket, hope this will be resolved soon.

The unfortunate thing is that this is a known issue going back a decade now that keeps getting ignored.

Either the dev team has never tried using their own product outside of “it works on my machine” environment, or its some fundamental issue lodged so deeply into the product or the infrastructure that they can’t fix it without a ground up rebuild of everything.

It’s absolutely ridiculous - on any given day, it’s like a 50/50 gamble of will it work today, or will not. Maybe today it will load in 2 seconds, maybe it’ll take 10 minutes to load and will then keep erroring out

Just today I’ve lost multiple hours. You work for 20 minutes, suddenly you get a dozen ‘connection errror’ toasts popping up, you try to manually back up which half the time seems to trigger a page refresh and then when the page eventually loads you realise it hasn’t saved a single thing in the last half hour.

It would be ridiculous on a free product, much less one that many of us are paying hundreds of dollars per month for.

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thanks michael, you pretty much sum up exactly what is happening on my side too, however my temporarily solution is creating a new clean project to copy paste the changes done on the main project to ‘backup’ my effort and hope for the ‘connection error’ to magically fix itself throughout the day.