No Connection Error in Editor

My clients (and myself) are getting “no Connection” errors in the editor’s bottom toolbar and changes aren’t being saved. Is Webflow having some sort of issue presently?

I’m getting the same issue.

I spent 30 minutes editing a document, only to find out changes were all lost and got the No Connection issue. This has happened twice now. It’s very frustrating… the editor seems incredibly buggy.

This in my opinion is definitely a bug and easy to reproduce. I went back and forth with Webflow support and they finally (hesitantly) agreed that it’s a bug said they would add the page to a list of pages effected… They said moving forward we’d need to make edits through the designer rather than the editor.

The frustrating thing is it doesn’t take that much copy to for this issue to start happening. In my case, I have a client that started a “blog-like” page that they were updating with their latest Corona Virus information. after about 12 paragraphs the editor started exhibiting the bug. Now the client is no longer able to add updated information and has to rely on me to do it which is opposite of what I sold them on when I recommended that they go with Webflow for their site.

Hopefully it gets worked out soon.

We’re experiencing the same issue. Any updates here?

This is happening to me right now – what gives Webflow. Hours of work wasted.