Unable to import images from .CSV file, but images still get previewed while importing

I am trying to add in about 2800 images to import into my CMS products (around 1400) by using its image url. But I keep getting the error The Main Image field is missing or broken. And it gets stuck at 0 out of 1400 items imported. Currently the .csv file is formatted like this:
Product Name,USD Price,Affiliate Link,Category,Main Image,Second Image

I have used multiple CSV file checkers, and they have all said it was formatted correctly.
Everything else works fine, it gets mapped to the correct field, and the images even get previewed in the CMS import page, but when I try to import them I get the error (The Main Image field is missing or broken.)

Images are hosted at https://productswebflowtriton.s3.eu-north-1.amazonaws.com/1060unnamed.png (Keep in mind its the direct image url not a webpage)

The images are accessible using the link from any ip or computer, so its not that it doesn’t have access to the picture.