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CMS Importing multiple images in one post, from Wordpress PLEASE HELP!

I’m having trouble importing from CSV file (wordpress).
Everything is good, except for images, so there are 50 different posts, and each has one main picture and more additional pictures. All data is still online and accessible.
URLs of all pictures are in csv file in field Images, one link after another, separated.
When I import csv, I can see only the first image, it registers only first url.
Please anyone can help with this…

this is example of one image field:

I have try different separators between links in image field, but it seems nothing works…

Presently, you can import a single image mapped to a single field. For more than one image, you would need a corresponding field to map to. So in a CSV, each image would represent a unique column. There is a limit to the number of fields within a collection. You would need to take that into consideration.

ok, I thought so, thank you very much!