CMS Image Upload Broken (not a bad URL...)

Hi Everyone - we’ve hit a major roadblock for a large website we’ve been building. The CMS is not allowing us to reference image fields or URL fields to do a .csv import.

The URLs checkout, and even before we make this attempt, the CMS end of Webflow is giving us the error in advance.

We’ve submitted a ticket with Webflow, but I’m curious if anyone else has found a work-around in a similar situation? All of our Googling and Webflow Forum searches have shown us is that some people had issues with their URLs, and in all other instances, it was a Webflow issue / bug.

Hi @TPA - I have used CSV imports with images before and not experienced any problems since the FIX (March 19th 2019). I just went and created a new collection, created a CSV, and imported two image columns mapped to image fields where the source images were available at publicly available URL’s. - No Issue. I tested HTTPS and HTTP sources off Webflow, as well as HTTPS assets on Webflow’s CDN. No Issue. I have also used the API and added images into HTML that was mapped to a RTF and that works for me as well.

Are you trying to use the new multi-image field as a target?

I’m having this same issue. The URLs work, I click on them and they come up in a browser no problem, but the interface won’t let me map the columns to the fields. The URLs all end in .jpg and they all work. I’m trying to upload a screenshot of the upload interface - the fields are greyed out and if you hover the mouse over them you get a :no_entry_sign: symbol.