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Unable to edit links for Link Blocks when in Editor mode

Been with Webflow for more than 5 years, onboarded an entire telco company, with many other small to big clients myself. Never had I once felt that Webflow handled things badly. I think many feels the same way as well.

This time, is that one time which really pisses me off to the point of no return. You guys just went ahead to remove the ability to edit Link Blocks WITHOUT INFORMING your paying customers. Further digging I found that this issue has been highlighted since May and no action is taken yet. Clients with hosted sites are mad, some threatening to abandon the entire platform and this sabotages our livelihood. Why and how could you guys chose to do this and not INFORM us is beyond my comprehension. It’s like me buying a car and the steering is EXPECTED to be there, but was suddenly removed without any notice by the manufacturer. Citing some excuse about architectural change.

You need to fix this Webflow. The worst thing about this whole damn situation is that, if the client demands that they want link block with nested images, there is no way to workaround this. The client cannot do anything at all. What kind of nonsense is this? Randomly taking away features unannounced, where is the years of trust, professionalism and amicable customer service? Now I have to vote a basic feature back in? Come on guys, what is this? (this guide was sneakily removed without notice as well)