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Changing links on images with Editor

Hi there,

I’m a bit stuck on this one…
In the editor, when I go over an image with a link on it, I get the icon to change the image, but there don’t seem to be a way to change the link. Could you help out?


Hi @staff,
Could you help here?

Hello @webflow,

This is a bit of an old post, by I was faced with the issue again today and remembered I didn’t get a reply for this. Am missing something or is it just not possible to modify the link on an image from the Editor?


Do you mean in the actual “Editor” that you give access for clients? Or the Designer - the canvas workspace where you build pages and content?

Hi @garymichael1313,

This is in the actual “Editor” that the client can access, yes.
Digging further into this, I’ve noticed 2 case scenarios:

  1. When using a “Link Block” with a background image: I can edit both link and background image in Editor as I get the cog icon in the Editor offering both options

  2. When using a “Link Block” with a an image added inside that block: I can only edit the image. I don’t get the cog icon but the image icon in Editor

Would that be the expected behaviour?

I’m actually not sure, I haven’t sent the Editor out to a client yet. Hopefully someone else in the community can offer expectation.

But at the very bottom of each element, in the styles panel. It has a check box for “Collaborators can edit”. Did you change this?

Nop, I haven’t touched that check box. Collaborators should be able to edit…

Just hit this issue, did you find any solution in the end?

This looks like a potential bug. It seems the block link can’t be selected in the ‘Editor’ when wrapped around an image without any padding. My images and links are also within a symbol.

Unless I’m missing something…

Hey @alexdixon,
Nop, I didn’t get a resolution to this…

Thanks for letting me know.

As a temporary solution, if you add a bit of padding to the link block, you’ll then be able to select it in Editor mode by hovering over the padded area.

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Hi folks, thanks for bringing this up - looks like the hover controls are showing over each other. It’s tricky for other edge cases similar to this, but we’ll look into a fix.

Thanks @alexdixon for sharing the workaround.

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Chiming in here as our client has the same issue. Can you let us know when we can expect this to be resolved please? Thanks in advance.

Hi @webflow,

Is there an update on the topic?
Customers are not able to change the link settings of link block.
For example a link block with text inside of it, in the editor you can edit the text but not the link settings.
Working with buttons would solve the issue but restricts me of styling the element.


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Hi, same issue here. Hope @webflow will come up with something about it soon.

+1 for a fix on this.

It would be great to have an element tree of editable elements (like in the designer, left panel + breadcrumbs bar on the bottom) that editors could use to select elements, like a link block wrapped around an image with no padding.

yeah something is needed pls @webflow

Would be great to get this sorted.


Yes … same here. @webflow this needs to be sorted.

YES, please we need an update on this topic! I have clients presently asking about why they can’t update link settings for elements in link blocks… :grimacing:

@WebflowCommunityTeam @webflow Aren’t they supposed to be able to edit the link settings of a link block from the editor?

I don’t think Webflow is responding to bugs posted in the forums anymore. There are endless “we will get to it” posts by staff, then nothing. No bug reporting software, no list of open issues to check against. Seriously lame.

So if you experience this issue just open support ticket. Maybe when there is a couple hundred on the same issue someone will prioritize a fix.