Links not editable in Editor

Hi there,

For some reason, in the Editor, the social icon links in the footer are not giving the editor access to the link editing tools when an image is involved.

In the image attached the top row is the existing setup, a text link with no text but with a background image - Editor doesn’t allow link editing, only image editing.

The second row uses the Block Link element wrapped around an image - Editor doesn’t let user access link block element, only image editing.

The last row uses the text link (no image) - Editor does allow link editing (as expected).

Is this an Editor bug or is it just the way things work?

This is an (unfortunate) limitation of the Editor.

Finsweet has a free attribute that claims to help make these types of links editable in the Editor, although I tried it recently with a similar setup and wasn’t able to get it working.

If you’d like to try using it yourself, you can view the documentation below: